tree removal

When Tree Removal Is Necessary

Methods Of Tree Removal

There are three primary methods of tree removal employed by tree services to bring down large trees. There are pros and cons for each method and although many tree removal companies will try to use their preferred method to remove every tree, it is best to evaluate your unique situation to determine which is best for you.

tree removal
tree cutting

Tree Climber: – A tree climber uses spiked boots to climb the tree and with a system of ropes brings each limb down safely to the ground.

tree climber
tree climber cuts tree
tree removal using tree climber

Pros: The most affordable style of tree removal that does the least collateral damage to your lawn and shrubs.

Cons: Falls for the climber could be fatal. Just make sure the tree service has an up to date insurance policy!

Tree Felling: Using a system of ropes and angled cuts in the tree trunk, the tree crew attempts bring down the tree onto an area of your property that will do the least or no damage.

tree felling
tree felling diagram

Pros: Affordability.

Cons: Considerable potential for collateral damage to your home and property.

Crane: Easily the most expensive tree removal method. Very dense areas or sick or dead trees can make the crane the only solution.

tree crane
tree crane
tree removal using crane

Pros: Able to remove limbs or trees in situations other methods cannot reach.

Cons: Cost. Crane tracks can do damage your lawn and crack concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Tree Removal Permit Requirements

Some homeowners who want a tree removed on their property are surprised to find out that a permit needs to be filed and approved with the city or county they reside in before they can proceed with the work. There are many reasons for this including whether the tree (or trees) in question is a “heritage tree” which means that it is a large and rare tree that is considered irreplaceable.

If your business has parking lot and you want tree a removed that is located within the parking lot, you will most likely need permit as well. There are different regulations depending on where you live so it is always best to call your local city or county office for help determining whether an approved permit will be required.

Tree Removal Costs

There are many factors that determine the cost to remove a tree including the size, type, location and whether equipment has easy access to the tree. Every company will give you a different price to remove the same tree so we have created several guidelines that will help you discern a fair price.