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Tree of the Month: Dogwood

The dogwood tree is among the most beautiful trees you can plant. Growing up to 25’ tall, with a 25’ spread of beautiful flowers in the spring, these trees are treasured by tree enthusiasts, presidents and homeowners alike.

large white dogwood tree


Dogwood trees can be identified by their stunning white, pink, red and red flowers and green foliage. Dogwoods are typically planted in a prominent area to show off their attractive features. Presidents Washington and Jefferson were particularly fond of this tree and each had several planted on their respective properties.

white dogwood tree flowers


The wood of a Dogwood tree is very hard and durable which is why Indians chose it to create reliable weapons including daggers and spears. The wood was also used for less dangerous creations such as toothbrushes and for early model tennis rackets used by the Europeans.

pink dogwood tree

Their berries can safely be eaten and are also used to create wine. Some say that the name Dogwood comes from people boiling the bark in water and using the water to treat dogs with skin issues such as mange.